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  • Abba Adams

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Dog

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make resolutions that you hope to keep throughout the year. Why not include your furry friend in the list of resolutions? Achieving goals with your pup can help strengthen the bond between you and make sure they stay healthy and happy. Here are five New Year’s Resolutions you can make for your dog in 2023!

1) Get in shape with your dog

If you want to start off 2023 on the right paw, why not get in shape with your furry best friend? Working out with your dog can be a great way to stay motivated, enjoy some quality bonding time, and of course, get fit.

If you’re a runner, try taking your pup on jogs. Not only will this give them some much needed exercise, but it can help tire them out before bedtime. If yoga is more your style, there are plenty of pet-friendly poses that you and your pooch can do together. You could even incorporate your pup into other workouts like weightlifting or HIIT training by making them the spotter for your reps or having them complete low-intensity exercises while you take a break.

The key is to keep your pup engaged and make sure that they’re comfortable with any workout you have planned. Try to be mindful of their limitations—if they’re young or getting older, they may not have the stamina to keep up with high-intensity routines. Start out with small exercises and gradually work your way up as you both get used to the routine. Once you establish a good workout plan for you and your pup, you’ll both be feeling fit and healthy in no time!

2) Add mental stimulation to your daily routine

Mental stimulation is just as important for your dog's wellbeing as physical activity. Just like humans, dogs need to be mentally engaged to stay healthy and happy. One way to ensure that your pup has enough mental stimulation is by introducing puzzles, toys, and other training exercises into their daily routine. Puzzles help keep your pup busy and can even help teach them new skills. Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find something that suits your pup's needs. Training exercises are also a great way to keep your pup mentally stimulated and can help them learn new skills like how to fetch or how to sit and stay. Whatever type of mental stimulation you choose, it's important to spend time each day with your pup helping them stay active and engaged.

3) Better grooming routine

The start of a new year is the perfect time to give your dog's grooming routine an upgrade. To start, set a weekly goal to trim your pup’s nails. Regular nail trims can prevent your pup from snagging their nails on furniture, carpets, and other surfaces. Additionally, regularly brushing your pup's fur helps keep it looking smooth and healthy. Make sure you are using the right tools for your pup’s coat; for example, those with short fur need softer brushes than those with long fur. Lastly, establish a regular bath schedule.

Depending on your pup’s breed, this can be anywhere from every 4-8 weeks. The right shampoo and conditioner can help keep their fur smooth and clean.

4) Get your dog a hobby

Are you looking for ways to challenge your pup while providing plenty of exercise and fun? A hobby may be just the thing! Dog sports can provide a great outlet for you and your pup to bond, while also offering a mental and physical workout.

For active and outgoing pups, dog sports like dock diving, trick dog, or scent trials might be just the thing. Dock diving involves teaching your dog how to jump into a pool from a dock or platform. Trick dog is about teaching your pup fun commands like spin, crawl, and more. Scent trials involve teaching your pup how to detect specific scents like drugs or explosives.

If your pup is more on the shy side, consider activities that don’t require a lot of social interaction like agility, treibball, nose work, or tracking. These activities involve your pup working independently while you cheer them on from the sidelines.

No matter what type of activity you choose, always make sure that it’s something that you and your pup both enjoy and are comfortable with. If your pup is scared or hesitant about a particular activity, take it slow and try introducing it gradually. And remember to always be supportive – rewarding successes and being patient during the learning process. Have fun and enjoy spending quality time with your pup!

5) Spice up their space

Your pup deserves the best and their living space is no exception. Give your dog a much needed upgrade by spicing up their space. Consider creating a small room where your pup can sleep, play, and relax in peace and quiet. Invest in a new crate for your pup to rest in that is comfortable and meets their needs. Finally, freshen up their things with some new toys, blankets, and treats. These small changes will make a huge difference for your pup and their comfort and happiness.

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